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Strength & Conditioning Bundle

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What you will learn

When it comes to today's athletes, nutrition plays a large role in maximizing their performance. From basketball players to powerlifters, hockey teams to soccer stars, there's never been more importance on how athletic clients fuel their workouts through their day-to-day eating habits.

That’s why we created our all-new Sports Nutrition & Fitness Bundle, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of a hungry client base looking to train better and see positive results on the playing field.


We combine our industry-leading Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program with our Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (CSNC) course to help set you apart from other trainers by teaching you the fundamentals of nutrition and training. With this bundle, you’ll gain the practical knowledge to create safe and effective exercise programs for your clients while getting face-to-face with the facts about nutrition and how to apply them to your athletic clients.

Both programs offer actionable techniques for enhancing the quality of exercise and sports nutrition for your client base. After completing both courses in this bundle, you’ll be able to take the skills you learn and directly apply them to your own services and development as a trainer while boosting your portfolio and earnings at the same time.

Who Should Become a 
Certified Sports Nutrition Coach?

Backed by 40 years of experience, NASM can help you reach a whole new level of clients, earnings, and knowledge with the industry’s most sought-after nutrition program.

           Nutrition Coaches

Keep clients on the right track when it comes to nutrition programming and help clients look at food as fuel in a new way. 

           Sports Coaches

Sports coaches at all levels can benefit from a deep understanding of nutrition coaching to help get the most out of their athletes.


          Strength & Conditioning           Coaches

Strength and conditioning coaches can gain valuable insight and a systematic approach to getting even more out of athletes.


          Weekend Warriors

This course helps weekend warriors understand the keys to performance and how to use them to unlock their potential. 

          Fitness Enthusiasts

Even the casual gym goer can benefit from nutrition instruction, finding new ways to maximize their overall health. 

          Personal Trainers


Sports performance tactics can help any personal training client perform better in every aspect of their workout and physical activity.

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