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Strength & Conditioning Bundle

Bundle & Save over $600 - Hurry, offer ends September 4th!
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4 monthly payments

What you will learn

Help your clients reach their fitness potential with NASM's Strength and Conditioning Bundle. This course combination is ideal for coaching and training athletes, whether professional or amateur.

Begin with our Certified Sports Nutrition Coach (CSNC) program that will put you at the top for sports nutrition. This program builds personalized nutrition plans that help optimize performance and recovery for all types of athletes.


Next, build on this foundation with two incredibly powerful specialization programs that work together to supercharge your skills. The Performance Enhancement Specialization Premium Self-Study (PES) focuses on training athletes and improving sports performance. The Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) Self-Study program is all about movement, empowering you to identify and fix movement imbalances to improve the quality of workouts and help clients prevent injury.

Acquire not only the tools to build a solid foundation of fitness for your clients, but also the ability to prevent and correct faulty movement compensations through corrective exercise. This stable base is especially important when coaching clients for performance - no matter the level of athletic ability or fitness.

What ultimately separates this bundle from the rest is its emphasis on delivering the safest most stable platform for performance training in the industry. Strength and conditioning has never looked better!

What's Included


The best standard for preventing or fixing existent movement problems for clients. Corrective exercise as a discipline is of tantamount importance for every CPT


Learn how to develop personalized nutritional recommendations to optimize performance and recovery for fitness clients and athletes. As a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, you’ll gain an edge on your competition by learning the latest sports nutrition principles to support healthy performance. You'll help your clients improve their results and transform their training through nutrition.


Ramp up the training intensity and enhance your clients’ performance with the NASM-PES.

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