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Certified Wellness Coach

Inspire healthier, happier lives. Become a Certified Wellness Coach.

What You’ll Learn

Providing evidence-based knowledge across five major areas, NASM’s revolutionary Certified Wellness Coach course dives into unique systematic processes to guide, support, and motivate clients to make lasting lifestyle changes. Through movement (fitness), nutrition, mental and emotional wellbeing, recovery and regeneration, and coaching, NASM's Certified Wellness Coach course teaches you to help clients achieve positive behavior change with long-term values.

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Course Highlights:

  • 1.9 NASM CEUs (See All Organizations)

  • 35 In-Depth Chapters

  • High-End, Easy-to-Use Digital Portal

  • 34+ Downloadable Resources; Custom Infographics

  • 100+ High-End Videos

  • 1 Year to Complete the Final Exam

  • Certificate Upon Passing Exam


This immersive health and wellness coach experience empowers you to apply a holistic approach to wellness as a wellness coach, health coach, life coach, and more. With actionable guidance from experts, this innovative platform creates an instructional environment that's fun, engaging, and unique for your future as a health and wellness coach. From podcast-style interviews to a coaching simulation that helps you visualize potential client hurdles, you’ll get a thorough understanding of what’s needed to meet your clients’ goals alongside them.

Guide your clients through whole-body practices as you work to create that wellness experience they are looking for.


Frequently Bought Together


Nutrition & Fitness Bundle

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Total Value: $1,798 You Pay: $899

Why Become an NASM-CWC?

Backed by 40 years of experience, NASM can help you reach a whole new level of clients, earnings, and knowledge with the industry’s most sought-after nutrition program.

  • Customize a learning pace and cultivate an effective and enjoyable learning experience by utilizing NASM’s state-of-the-art digital learning platform.

  • Guide clients through nutrition solutions that address real-world problems such as, reading food labels and assessing portion sizes.

  • Create nutrition intervention programs that align with specific client needs and goals like calculating client caloric intake needs and macronutrient ratios.

  • Apply a systematic nutrition coaching approach for a variety of client case scenarios.

  • Leverage behavior change strategies for sustainable health, wellness, and weight-loss-related results.

  • Describe nutrition hot topics and diet options such as, GMOs, gluten-free, Paleo and Keto diets.

  • Become a trusted expert with an increase in clientele and income.

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